Our Mission: we are working to serve you batter!
Our purpose is to increase the economy of the village & villagers with the help of dairy, Poultry, Brown Eggs, Pickles factory, Goat, Vermicompost farming in rural areas.

We are providing milk and milk products, other organic products which matches the highest quality of standard and produced from highly pedigreed livestock.

Our management is continually taking steps for farm management so that we can prosper as a leader in the industry of dairy products, poultry products, factory products and other farming…
Our Vision: धन्य धेनु Dhanya Dhenu provides excellent purity!
Main vision is to establish a good dairy farm, poultry farm, goat farm, egg farm and factory in Uttarakhand, India.

Provides jobs for many unemployed and needy peoples.

Our vision is to create more opportunities in the dairy farming, goat farming, poultry farming, egg farming and homemade pickle made by “women self-help groups(mahila samiti)” in Uttarakhand and India by expanding our facilities and especially the processing of milk to obtain products like: ghee, mawa/khoya, butter milk,  butter, cheese, cream, powdered milk, etc…
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धन्य धेनु Dhanya Dhenuधन्य धेनु Dhanya Dhenu
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Home Delivery also available within 10Km from our mini store and farm house…