Work @ धन्य धेनु - Dhanya Dhenu:
Dairy worker:
We need dairy worker along with family...
Key responsibilities: taking care of dairy animals, cutting grass, cleaning farm, milking

We need 2in1 driver for vehicle two and four wheeler
Key responsibilities: collection milk from door to door, distribution of milk, eggs, chicken and other public services

Part time job-marketing:
We need part time marketing peoples for the Rishikesh city
Key responsibilities: milk, eggs marketing, business development, 500 INR will be paid for per customer…

Required peoples can contact us on the given mobile # 9837729110, 8979799597…
Goat and egg farm worker:
We need worker for goat farm and egg farm
Key responsibilities: taking care of integrated farm of goat and eggs, cutting grass for goat and birds, cleaning farm
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